Aladin Antiqueno is a distinguished Master Artist, esteemed educator, and versatile sculptor. He holds an honorary Doctorate degree in Fine Arts from Pennsylvania, USA, and a Doctorate Degree in Education from Greenville College. He also earned Master of Fine Arts units from the University of the Philippines -Diliman.  Additionally, he completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree major in Painting at the Philippine Women's University in 1993.

With an impressive list of credentials, Aladin Antiqueno has become a respected figure in the world of Philippine fine arts.

As a co-founder of the GK College of Business, Arts, and Technology, he serves as the Vice President and Dean for the College of Fine Arts. Also the co-founder of the GK Artists' Academy and the United Fine Artists of the Philippines (UFAP), organizations that have brought together hundreds of Filipino artists aspiring to learn and grow in the field of fine arts.

Founded Composed Photorealism in Fine Arts.